What I hate on tumblr:

- People who repost things: Don’t steal other people’s hard work that they spent a lot of time on. There is no excuse for this, don’t even try. It’s so much easier to just hit the reblog button instead of reposting something. Give the credit to the people who actually did the work.

- People who delete comments and re write them to make it look like they wrote it: once again- do. your. own. fucking. work.

- People who write “follow this (insert adjective) blog” on posts that they’ve reblogged: this honestly will never make me want to follow you. it makes you look like a dickhead to me. it’s not like you created the post, all you did was reblog it. yaaaay congrats, you can now go self promote yourself all over other peoples work! …….no. this is better than the others though, so if you do this you’re a step up in my eyes.

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